Willow Moore is an Eponaquest instructor.  Equine facilitated learning utilizes the natural abilities of horses to inform and bring balance to participants.  By working with horses you will understand how a human-horse connection can improve human-human connections.

Some of the benefits of working with horses can include:

  • Learning to use emotion as information
  • Learning how to manage fear and anxiety in times of significant change, conflict or stress
  • Learning how to maintain composure, clear thinking and creativity in the face of fear, anxiety or triggering situations
  • Learning to use energy and power appropriately to support yourself and your interactions with others
  • Understanding boundaries in a new way: Learn about the effect of physical proximity on your arousal levels
  • Learning the mechanics of establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space
  • Learning emotional agility and develop 'emotional heroism' needed to handle challenging situations peacefully and productively
  • Developing essential skills for building authentic community

Dr. Moore facilitates individual and group horse-human sessions as well as a number of one and two day workshops.  Please see the Upcoming workshops page for more information.

Darcy in field

Upcoming Workshops

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