Black Horse Wisdom

La Center, Washington – Facilitated by Willow Moore DC, ND, Eponaquest Instructor Cost: TBD — includes workshop materials, beverages & snacks

The Black Horse Wisdom one day workshop offers transformation through the Way of the Horse.  The horse is aware of both the world of the seen and unseen.  They carry us in the physical world and can carry us into the non-physical world.  Their wisdom and presence helps us shift from linear-focused thinking into the world of possibility, non-ordinary reality.

The horse provides instant, non-judgmental feedback about your non-verbal communications and feelings, guiding you to become more authentic, congruent and able to act from your deepest heartfelt self.  This carries over into your daily life, relationships, career and parenting.  You will naturally find the path of loving-kindness towards yourself, gaining clarity and insight into your needs and learning more skillful ways for getting them met.  The horse assists you in developing new ways of gaining information; creating and maintaining clear and consistent boundaries and personal space; and accessing your own wisdom.

This workshop intertwines horse activities and information that nurture a more authentic approach to life by teaching you self-awareness, emotional agility and leadership skills; tools to access heart-based power and increase confidence. Activities include: reflective round pen sessions, meditation, mind-body awareness processes, and key learning components of the Eponaquest approach (using emotion as information, establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space/boundaries, using the body as a sensing device – body scan).

This workshop is for those who wish to:

  • Discover how to transcend & heal non-productive patterns, move into ease & vitality
  • Experience key spiritual lessons from Horse
  • Learn processes to develop balance, flow and ease in life
  • Increase connection and trust
  • Tap into personal wisdom

This workshop is appropriate for emotionally secure individuals who are seriously interested in exploring the transformational potential of human-horse interactions.  No prior equine experience is necessary.  All activities with horses are ground-based in an enclosed arena or round pen, there is no riding.  No auditors are permitted.

“Your vision will become clear when you look into your heart”  -Carl Jung

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