Dancing With Horses : Confidence – Communication

La Center, Washington – Facilitated by Willow Moore DC, ND, Eponaquest Instructor

Direct work with horses is a short-cut to developing the combination of imagination, courage, and compassion that will help you follow your dreams.  It allows you to gain a new perspective which restores your natural energy flow, frees your authentic power and creativity, and lets you realize a deeper connection to yourself and others!  Horses provide instant, non-judgmental feedback on your non-verbal communications, guiding you to become more authentic, congruent and able to act from your deepest heartfelt self.

This introductory-level workshop is designed to improve horse/human relationships, strengthen connection to the intuitive authentic self, and bring awareness to our shadow side and old survival patterns of behavior that block our natural desire to move from surviving to thriving. The workshop will include the following basic Eponaquest philosophies, skills, and activities:

  • Using emotion as information
  • Use energy & power appropriately
  • Accessing a more authentic, intuitive presence
  • Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns
  • Enhance emotional agility and emotional intelligence
  • Boundaries: Establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space
  • Body Scan: Using the body as a sensing device
  • Develop a deeper connection to yourself and others
  • Hands-on activities with horses as guides

This workshop meets the Eponaquest prerequisite for an introductory workshop for individuals who wish to do advanced work at Eponaquest, including the Apprenticeship Program. This workshop is appropriate for emotionally secure individuals who are seriously interested in exploring the transformational potential of human-horse interactions.  No prior equine experience is necessary.  All activities with horses are ground-based in an enclosed arena or round pen, there is no riding.  No auditors are permitted.

“Those adventurous souls who follow the ways of horses almost can’t help becoming more balanced, confident, and peaceful, more open to the beauty and sacredness of life.  Moving among the herds, these people recover a heightened sensitivity to the environment and to others – and, most importantly, the courage to embrace that sensitivity.”  Linda Kohanov, Author, The Tao of Equus and other titles and Founder of the Epona Approach to EFL.

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